3-in-1 Nail Polish Pen
3-in-1 Nail Polish Pen
3-in-1 Nail Polish Pen
3-in-1 Nail Polish Pen
3-in-1 Nail Polish Pen
3-in-1 Nail Polish Pen
3-in-1 Nail Polish Pen
3-in-1 Nail Polish Pen

3-in-1 Nail Polish Pen

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Pamper yourself without going to the salon! Paint your own nails easily at home! 💅💅💅

With our 3-in-1 Nail Polish Pen, you can simply color your nails professionally at the comforts of home.

3 In 1 Gel Nail Polish Pen | Nail polish pens, Gel nails, Gel nail ...

 Save your time and efforts by making salon appointments and do your own nails instead! 😉👌💅

Our 3-in-1 Nail Polish Pen consists of the following:

✅ Base coat

✅ Color coat

✅ Top coat

✨ It has everything you need for polishing your nails! ✨

Kisslay ONE STEP 3-in-1 Nail Polish Pen - Rosetiny

It's highly pigmented, giving you that perfect pop of color on your nails. 😍😍😍

WOW! Make Regular Nail Polish Look Like GEL! - YouTube

Its pen-shaped design provides easier application, portability, and storage than your regular nail polish bottles.

Nail polish colours to make your hands look younger


  • EASY APPLICATION: The pen-shaped appearance design provides more comfort and control when polishing your nails. Just twist the bottom and the color comes up through the pen brush.
  • AWESOME CONSISTENCY: One layer gives enough color already, but two layers give full coverage. 😉 No need to add many layers for that colorful pop. Saves you time! 
  • PORTABLE: You can carry it with you anywhere!
  • FAST-DRYING: Cure under UV lamp/LED light for 90 seconds and the product will sit perfectly on your nails.
  • LONG-LASTING: The polish could last up to 30 days!
  • SAFE: It's made from NON-TOXIC and Harmless Resin, with low smell and good tenacity.
  • PERFECT FOR EVERYONE: Amateur and pro nail artists will love our handy, highly-pigmented, multi-functional nail polish pen. It makes the perfect gift for girls too!


  • Material: Non-toxic, high-quality resin
  • Net weight: 5ml

Product Inclusion:

  • 1pc 3-in-1 Nail Polish Pen