ChordBuddy Guitar Learning Aid
ChordBuddy Guitar Learning Aid
ChordBuddy Guitar Learning Aid

ChordBuddy Guitar Learning Aid

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 Thinking about learning how to play the guitar?

Learning guitar chords can be hard, but our ChordBuddy Guitar Learning Aid can make it 10x easier for you! 🎼

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It is the easiest way to teach yourself to play guitar. Whether you're a kid or an adult, you can be a guitar master in no time. 👍😍

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It saves you money from attending music lessons. Weeks after using our ChordBuddy Guitar Learning Aid, you can begin picking up a guitar and play many amazing songs.

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How It Works:

The 4 buttons make 4 of the most commonly used chords. When you learn them, you can play many popular songs.

You can easily train a new chord every week as the buttons train you to know where to position your fingers.

 Guitar Self Learning Guide


  • EASY TO USE: It's the easiest way to train your hands on the correct positioning when playing the chords. Once you're accustomed, you can start learning more complicated chords and playing more complicated songs with your guitar.
  • COLOR-CODED: Each color presents a specific key. It's easier to distinguish and get rid of the traditional, difficult way of learning the chords.
  • PAIN-FREE: Pressing different strings can cause pain and calluses on your fingers. Our color-coded tabs are gentle to your hands, so you won't suffer from any pains while you're learning playing guitar.
  • MONEY-SAVVY: This tool can help save your money from attending costly guitar lessons.
  • PORTABLE: It's made from ABS plastic material. It's lightweight, and you can carry it anywhere with your guitar.


  • Material: ABS
  • Weight: 50g
  • Length: 12x7x2cm 

Product Inclusion:

  • 1pc ChordBuddy Guitar Learning Aid