EasyFeed™ Dog Lick Pad
EasyFeed™ Dog Lick Pad
EasyFeed™ Dog Lick Pad
EasyFeed™ Dog Lick Pad

EasyFeed™ Dog Lick Pad

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EasyFeed™ Dog Lick Pad

Is your dog terrified of baths? 😱😱😱


Want a quick n' easy way to feed your dog? 🐶

Enter the EasyFeed™ Dog Lick Pad! This invention makes feeding quick n' easy and helps create an enjoyable bathing experience for your furry friend.


dog food mat


Simply apply peanut butter or any cream on the EasyFeed™ Dog Lick Pad and then stick it on any flat surface. Your dog can now easily enjoy its treat! A nice and fun distraction for when they are being bathed, no more running around and creating a mess!


  • Our EasyFeed™ Dog Lick Pad made of high-quality, food-grade silicone material and easily sticks to all flat surfaces!
  • The pad's side wings enable quick mounting and easy one-lift removal!
  • It can also be used as a slow feeder bowl for developing healthy eating behavior.
  • 100% Dishwasher and freezer safe!

Make bath time a great bonding experience for you and your beloved pet with our EasyFeed™ Dog Lick Pad.


Hurry and get one today!


You can also use the EasyFeed™ Dog Lick Pad to make doggie treats in the freezer for a cool pet snack while bathing or a cool treat during the hot summer. 


Save the trouble of dragging your pet to bath or make pet feeding quick n' easy!



  • x1 EasyFeed™ Dog Lick Pad
  • Measurements: 7 x 7 inches (18 x 18 cm)