Electric Cooking Pot
Electric Cooking Pot
Electric Cooking Pot
Electric Cooking Pot
Electric Cooking Pot

Electric Cooking Pot

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Looking for the best cooking pot to suit your on-the-go lifestyle? 

Our Electric Cooking Pot is a kitchen must-have! 🥘

It's multifunctional. From stirring a tasty soup, making a fondue, frying a fish, or warming food, you can make any delicious meals with our Electric Cooking Pot! 😉

It can contain up to 1.5L volume of foods. This can serve 1-3 persons. It has 2 power adjustment buttons so you can match the perfect heat for your foods.

You can cook meals anywhere since our Electric Cooking Pot is portable. You can explore your gastronomic cravings while watching television or working at your desk. Simply plug it in a wall and you can begin cooking your favorites!


  • LARGE CAPACITY: It can fill up to 1.5L of food, perfect for 1-3 persons!
  • CERAMIC GLAZE INNER CONTAINER: It's natural and healthy. It won't damage your food nor transfer odors.
  • NON-STICK: It's easy to clean even after meticulous frying.
  • DURABLE: It's very sturdy with a 7mm ceramic thickness. It's unbreakable.
  • 2 POWER ADJUSTMENTS: Low power lets you make soups and pancakes, while high power is perfect for frying and more complicated meal preparations.
  • HIGH-TEMPERATURE RESISTANT: It can withstand up to 180°C with no deformation.
  • LONG HANDLE: The power interface is located at the end of the handle. It's easier and safer to clean it than most commercial electric pots with a power interface located on the body. 
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: You can steam, boil, and fry any food to your liking!


  • Voltage: 220V-240V(50HZ-60HZ)
  • Power: 350-700w
  • Capacity: 1.5L
  • Net weight: 1.14kg
  • Size: 348*200*150mm
  • Caliber Width: 20cm
  • Depth: 7cm

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