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Lock Pick Set
Lock Pick Set
Lock Pick Set
Lock Pick Set
Lock Pick Set

Lock Pick Set

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 Unlock your inner locksmith! 😉

Our Lock Pick Set is an interesting way to learn the ins and outs of locks and keys

Lock Pick Training Set – Salty Corn

It's great for beginners and parents wanting to develop their child's cognitive and creative skills. 🔑

Lock Picks Set - Key Extractor Tools – Texas Trendz

It's the perfect starter kit if you're interested in the art of picking locks.



  • CLEAR LOCK: Our lock is designed to be transparent so you can easily see the mechanics of how the pins move when a key is inserted.
  • COMPLETE SET: It's a 15-piece set of keys and tools plus a clear lock.
  • DIFFERENT KEY STYLES: A key is specific to a lock. The different key styles can help you think and be a creative locksmith.
  • SMOOTH WORKING CONDITION: It's well-built with durable parts for repetitive practice. 


  • Color: CLEAR+GRAY

Product Inclusion:

  • 1 Set Lock Pick