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Nano Toothbrush
Nano Toothbrush

Nano Toothbrush

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 Brighten your smile with our Nano Toothbrush! 😍

It has 12,000 ultra-fine bristles to deeply clean your teeth.

NANO™ Toothbrush – Nano Toothbrush

Say goodbye to bleeding gums, cavities, and bad breath!

20K Bristles Ultra-Soft Deep Clean Toothbrush – shinyglamy

It's the softest toothbrush you can ever use! It won't damage your enamel. 


  • SOFT AS A FEATHER: Its bristles are ultra-dense and soft, perfect for those with bleeding gums, sensitive teeth, toothaches, and braces.
  • DEEP CLEANING EFFECT: Thousands of soft bristles will scrub all corners of your teeth, giving you a healthy white smile!
  • SAFE FOR THE GUMS: It takes extra care of your gums and enamels. No more bleeding gums or thinning enamels.
  • ANTI-BACTERIAL: Its ultra-soft bristles are made from anti-bacterial nylon. Its handle is BPA-free plastic. It's the safest material for all.


  • Million ultra-fine bristles
  • Micron soft hair

Product Inclusion:

  • 1pc Nano Toothbrush