Power Lift Knee Brace
Power Lift Knee Brace
Power Lift Knee Brace
Power Lift Knee Brace

Power Lift Knee Brace

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Do you lift heavy objects? Sit or stand for several hours? Engage in physical activities? Have existing knee or leg problems? 😱😱

If YES, then our Power Lift Knee Brace is perfect for you. Its a shock absorber for your knees and legs, allowing you to bounce back to life and spring into action. 💪

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It's great for all athletes, workers, grandparents, and those with knee problems. 💯

Knee Power Support Brace

But even without knee concerns, wearing our Power Lift Knee Brace can help to keep your knees in tiptop shape. It promotes protection and recovery, a great performance tool for any of your activities.

You can wear it for working, exercising, playing sports, or even gardening. It's easy, light, and gives optimum support for your knees and legs.


  • REDUCE PRESSURE ON KNEES AND JOINTS: Our knee brace can resist up to 20kg of weight and pressure. It effectively reduces stress on your knees.
  • ADJUSTABLE LENGTH: You can adjust the brace for more comfortable wear and use.
  • BREATHABLE FABRIC: It's non-slip and has venting holes. It's ideal for sports and most daily activities.


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Belt and Alloy
  • Body Material: Polyester fiber
  • Packaging Size: 31x10x9cm

Product Inclusion:

  • 1 pair Power Lift Knee Brace