Step-In Shoe Cover
Step-In Shoe Cover
Step-In Shoe Cover
Step-In Shoe Cover
Step-In Shoe Cover

Step-In Shoe Cover

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Your shoes can cause dirt on your floors 😫

But not anymore with our Step-In Shoe Cover! 😉 Keep your home spotless all the time.

Hands Free Reusable Shoe Covers | Sock shoes, Shoes, Inventions

Enjoy our hands-free shoe cover system. Simply step into our product and it will instantly cover your shoes. 

Reusable Shoe Cover One Step Hand Free Sock Shoe – Modern Beyond

It's durable and reusable. A single purchase can last you for many years! 👌✅

Automatic Step-in Shoe Cover – HoloGlamor


  • EASY TO USE: Simply step into our shoe cover and it will instantly protect your floors from dirt.
  • MONEY-SAVVY AND ECO-FRIENDLY: It's reusable, so you don't need to use plastic and disposable shoe covers. Just clean it after several uses.
  • ANTI-SLIP PROPERTIES: It's safe for use in both dry and wet floorings. 
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS: It comes with durable quality construction with an overlock stitch to keep you safe.
  • PERFECT FOR ALL FLOORS: You can use it at home or at the office. 


  • Material: Polyester / Cotton

Product Inclusion:

  • 1 Pair of Step-In Shoe Cover