Vacuum Sealing Lids
Vacuum Sealing Lids
Vacuum Sealing Lids
Vacuum Sealing Lids

Vacuum Sealing Lids

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Don't let any food go to waste.

Our Vacuum Sealing Lids instantly turn any container into vacuum-sealed food storage.

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It's easy to use and leakproof. It preserves the freshness of your food and lengthens its shelf life. Less food spoilage! 😉

It keeps your food bacteria-free. The vacuum prevents moisture and molds from forming. 


  • PREMIUM MATERIALS: Plastics can cause cancer. That's why we use TPU film and silicone to make the lids BPA-free.
  • DURABLE: It's non-breakable and can last you for years.

  • GERM-FREE: The vacuum works in preventing molds from forming. This way, your foods remain safe and healthy.
  • STACKABLE: You can easily stack them in your fridge or cupboard to save some storage space.
  • WORKS WITH ANY CONTAINERS: It's ideal for containers of ANY shape, material, and size.


  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: 10-28cm

Product Inclusion:

  • Set of 5 Vacuum Sealing Lids